Genuine work from home options


FSU members adapted quickly to the rapid move to work from home arrangement brought about at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and would like to see this flexibility continue with 85% of survey respondents indicating that it is important the option remains open into the future.

Installing safeguards around this provision is important as survey results indicate that employees working from home have incurred additional costs (44%), increased hours of work/ workloads (53%), an expectation to always be available (33%) and have not had a health and safety risk assessment carried out (87%).

Our Claim

  • Work from home should continue to be made available to all employees.
  • Employees must have a right to disconnect from work.
  • Workers must not be encouraged or rewarded for being constantly connected.
  • Records regarding employee working hours including breaks, starting and finishing times, must be kept and made available for inspection by a properly authorised person when required.
  • Working from home should not lead to cost shifting from employers to employees.
  • Privacy and fundamental rights must be respected.
  • Surveillance and performance monitoring is underpinned by principles of privacy, ethics and transparency.
  • Technology and equipment required to work from home should be provided by NAB unless otherwise agreed.