NAB Enterprise Agreement: Proposal Paid Rep Meetings and FSU Member Consultation Postponed

Dear FSU Members,

As many of you are aware your Union had scheduled paid time FSU Rep meetings over the following two weeks to discuss and seek feedback on the proposed NAB Enterprise Agreement.

NAB have recently contacted the FSU and have indicated that they will not be in a position to run an all staff ballot on the proposed Enterprise Agreement until at least the middle of May.

As a result of this, and due to the ever changing circumstances in addressing the COVID-19 problem, the FSU has made the decision to postpone our consultation process with members to fit in with this new timeline. Your Union has taken the view that conducting our consultation now would leave too long a gap before the all staff ballot. There are also requirements under the Fair Work Act that would potentially make such a gap between consultation and an all staff ballot problematic.

This means that FSU member consultation and paid Rep meetings are now tentatively planned for the two-week period starting Monday 27 April 2020.

We have already seen a strong turnout of registrations to the paid Rep meetings and recognize the hard work that so many of our FSU activists have played in achieving this level of engagement. Those FSU Reps and members who have already registered for paid meetings should know that their registrations have not been cancelled but are being held for the later period. We will update you with new times and dates in the coming weeks.

There will also be an opportunity for other FSU members to register for the future meetings if there is no Rep in your workplace.

In the meantime, your Union is continuing discussions with NAB around the details and implications of a later ballot for NAB workers.

We are acutely aware that FSU members are understandably concerned right now about COVID-19 and the Bank’s response to this global problem and we will continue to focus our energy on supporting members through this difficult period.

Members are encouraged to contact the FSU Members Rights Centre on 1300 366 378 if you have concerns at work or email

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary