Our fight for recognition

We have asked for a COVID Essential Allowance from NAB executives and now we await their decision.

At 12pm yesterday, we met with Julie Swan (Employer Relations Senior Manager), Mary Scoutas (Melbourne Metro Retail GM), Peter Stelmach (Head of Employee Relations), and Robyn Lanphier (Health, Safety and Wellbeing Manager).

We shared our stories about what it has been like working on the frontlines and living under lockdown during this pandemic. We also shed some tears.

We made our case to NAB.

We told them if they wanted to be the #1 bank, then they should recognise us.

Major businesses like Coles, Woolies, Costco, and Bunnings recognise their frontline staff with an Essential Allowance, so why can’t NAB?

They said they would consider our stories and get back to us.

We remain hopeful.

In Unity,
Your Essential Allowance Delegation

Gaylene Bateman, NAB Maffra
Gemma Karahountris, NAB Doncaster
Tina Lambert-Williams, NAB Wallan

PS Sign our petition for an Essential Allowance here if you haven’t already.

And join our fight for recognition and respect now.

Authorised by Nicole McPherson, Vic/Tas Branch Secretary