NAB FSU Members - Bob Confirms You Should be Paid Overtime

6 December, 2017

Together We Can Win


This morning Bob Melrose, EGM Retail, issued an email clarifying the payment of overtime. This didn’t happen by chance. It happened because hundreds of FSU members signed up for collective representation
to resolve issues around: scorecards that can’t be achieved in your ordinary hours, regular and systematic underpayments for additional hours, and a broken relief model.

Progressing to the Fair Work Commission

Bob’s email is clearly a win for FSU members, but there are still important issues to resolve. The stories that you sent through this week reinforce the significant issues we face to make NAB Retail a fair workplace.

That’s why we will continue to progress matters to the FWC:

  • When and how authorisation for additional hours works practically
  • Who can authorise overtime
  • Scorecards that can actually be achieved in your ordinary hours
  • Appropriate staffing and relief

Stronger Together

We’re here because hundreds of FSU members stood together for change. There’s still more to change – including the entrenched culture that working for free in NAB retail is ok. We’re stronger together. Please share this update with your workmates and ask them to join FSU today!

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary