NAB - Have You Been Underpaid Too?

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Despite your FSU Reps raising your concerns directly with Bob Melrose, and some positive early signs that your concerns would be taken seriously, it appears not much has changed.  The business model in NAB Retail is about cutting costs at the expense of the lowest paid workers in NAB.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Although NAB has put a factsheet out to Managers about when overtime payments are appropriate, no effort has been made to undo the cultural understanding that has been established by NAB – that is, don’t bother claiming overtime because it won’t be paid. There are also issues around the approval process and scorecard requirements that require you to work additional hours just to keep your job.

Escalating to the Fair Work Commission

Unfortunately NAB has not been seriously considering the concerns raised by hundreds of members from 210 workplaces. After trying to resolve these issues – around scorecard objectives that can’t be achieved in ordinary hours, regular and systematic underpayments, and a broken relief model – directly with NAB, we’ve now opted to escalate.

It’s a serious but necessary step in the absence of co-operation from NAB. It’s ridiculous that a company paying its CEO over $6 million a year resorts to ripping off the lowest paid workers to improve their bottom line. It’s those same workers who delivered $6.64 billion in profit for the last 12 months.

Stand Together for Change

If you are also working additional hours to meet your scorecard objectives, you’re not getting paid for those hours, and the relief model is broken in your area, it’s time to stand together with hundreds of your workmates.

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