NAB: Have You Had Your Annual Salary Review?

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Group 3 & 4 Employees

It’s that time of the year again and we’re fielding many questions from Group 3 and 4 employees about salary reviews and how the remuneration model works.

If you have any concerns about your pay, just follow the steps below, or register to attend an FSU Salary Workshop where we’ll go through what we have in place to maximise your pay. Please ensure your contact details and work location are included in your reply.

STEP 1: Salary Ranges
The first thing you should do is have a look at the Classification and Pay Model to determine if you’re being paid the right salary for your role. You can find a copy here.

STEP 2: Salary Recommendations
Get a copy of your salary recommendation for the FY17 performance year. You can do this through your People Leader or if you’re not comfortable with that, through PAC. This is information already available to your People Leader and should be easy to get. If you experience difficulties getting this information contact the FSU Member Rights Centre for assistance on 1300 136 378 or by email on

STEP 3: Appealing Salary Decisions
The NAB Agreement now includes agreed criteria for salary decisions as well as a salary appeals process for all Group 3 and 4 employees. Appeals should be based on the agreed criteria that salary decisions are based upon including:

  • Length of time since last TEC increase
  • Previous TEC increases
  • Position in TEC Range
  • Internal relativities
  • Performance
  • Employment status (part time or full time)
  • Relevant market considerations
  • Pay equity considerations

It’s up to you to best utilise the improvements that FSU members have secured to get the best outcome. Again, support and assistance is available through the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 136 378 or get along to an FSU Salary Workshop.

Building Our Union Community
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Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary
Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary