NAB: How to Secure Your Days and Hours

The EOI process closes tomorrow – so make sure you submit your EOI before the end of the day.

Retail CA1 Restructure

You should have all by now heard that we have secured a guarantee from Consumer leadership, Krissie Jones and Mike Baird, that every CA1 who wants a role in NAB will have one.

Where your personal requirements mean that you cannot change your hours and your days, we have also secured a guarantee of your current hours and days if you chose to accept a relief role. Relief roles will include a home branch, and Private Vehicle Allowance will apply.

Combined with the commitment to keep regional branches open until at least January 2021, we have secured jobs through this change.

Submitting Your Expression of Interest (EOI)

The EOI process closes tomorrow – so make sure you submit your EOI before the end of the day.

We have confirmed with NAB that where you want to keep your hours and days you should select the option that states:

I am choosing not to express interest in any roles and want to explore other opportunities at NAB.

We encourage you to reinforce this with an email to your People Leader to make it clear that you require the same hours and days.

While NAB has committed to working with each one of us to find the right solution, you can have the right to be represented through any part of this process. We remain committed to making sure the promises made by the leadership are honoured in full. To arrange representation, you should call the Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378.

Next Steps

Our team including reps Myrna and Rosemary will continue to meet with the leadership team including Krissie and Mike, to work through all the issues you have raised through consultation.

This means making sure performance objectives are adjusted appropriately and the compliance and training issues you raised are resolved. We also need to ensure that you are fairly paid for the hours you are required to work. We are mindful that many of you already expressed that you are at times not paid for hours you are required to work. These are serious issues that need to be resolved.

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