NAB: Maintaining Your Credit Accreditation

You don’t lose your credit accreditation because you did not receive a referral or have a clean file

You Don’t Lose Your Credit Accreditation Because You Did Not Receive a Referral or Have a Clean file

Feedback from FSU members around the credit accreditation process has identified some inconsistencies. That’s why we sought clarity from NAB to ensure you have options and can maintain your credit accreditation.

Here’s How It Works

Approximately every 12 months NAB requires all employees who participate in lending to undertake a reaccreditation process. This includes Regional Customer Executives, Branch Managers, Banking Advisers and Customer Advisers 2s.

Pathways to Reaccreditation

Reaccreditation can be conducted in one of two ways.

  1. With you, by reviewing your most recent or active lending files;
  2. Where there are no files or active applications, by explaining or doing a “walk through” of the process and requirements to the credit coach to demonstrate an understanding of the requirements for responsible lending.

Why Do I Need Reaccreditation?

The reaccreditation process is intended to identify any gaps in knowledge or understanding and then ensure the you are provided with support or coaching that may be required.

Can I Lose My Accreditation?

You cannot lose your accreditation because you did not receive a referral and you cannot lose your accreditation because of the reaccreditation process. You may have your ability to generate a system-based credit decision suspended.  In that case a plan for remediation will be put in place and once completed the suspension will be removed.

You can lose your accreditation in the event you have a major compliance breach.

How Does Risk Training Interact with Accreditation?

All NAB employees are required to complete Risk training. This is different training and in addition to your credit accreditation.

What’s Your Experience with Credit Reaccreditation?

If you’ve been experiencing inconsistencies with the credit accreditation process share your experience today. Email

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