New ways of working

What does it mean for Mobile Bankers?

Recently NAB announced a change to how appointments are arranged for Mobile Bankers. This change is part of Stage 2 of the Bank’s “Future of Retail” and is currently being rolled out across the country.

A number of Mobile Bankers have now raised questions and concerns around what this change might mean in regard to how your work is scheduled. In particular, FSU members are concerned that this change may lead to excessive hours of work, loss of work/life balance, and lack of control over when customer appointments are scheduled.

Mobile Lenders should expect a level of certainty around how your work week is scheduled and many of you have raised questions around how this change might undermine that certainty.

Your Union Representatives plan to meet with NAB shortly over this matter. Outlined in the link below is the position we will be taking to the Bank on this issue. Your voice is important so we are asking you to indicate your support for this position and provide any additional feedback. The broad issues will be discussed with NAB and no individual will be identified.

Please take the time to have your say.


In Unity,


Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary