NAB pay audit update

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FSU received a briefing last week from NAB on the status of the pay audit work. For the past three months NAB has been working with the two companies they have engaged to carry out this full audit.

Due to the approach NAB has taken – a thorough audit of the entire payroll system, as opposed to setting out to fix a few identified issues – this has meant a longer lead in time to establish the parameters of the audit.

The critical work of cross-checking the Enterprise Agreement, Fair Work Act, and relevant legislation on tax, superannuation etc, is a necessity to ensure the system is supporting NAB’s obligations to its staff. This work will identify the areas that require further investigation.

This work is almost completed and then a priority list will be drawn to drive the next stage of the audit. FSU will receive another update from NAB on 20 October on this priority listing.

If you are not registered on our FSU database please do so today and if you have former colleagues you are still in contact with please pass on the details and encourage them to register as well. One of the issues will be finding ex-staff who are owed money and FSU will work with NAB to identify those people.

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary