NAB Performance Reviews during a Pandemic

The 2019/2020 annual performance review period is now underway at NAB. The outcome from performance reviews can affect bonus/incentive payments for all staff as well as salary increases for Group 3 and 4 employees.

In determining performance objectives your NAB Agreement contains important protections that take into account external factors outside your control.

What about the impact of external factors on my performance?

The impact Covid-19 has had on the Australian economy and our industry has been substantial this performance year. In NAB this impact has manifested in a number of ways. These include an acceleration of structural changes, adjustments to hours of work, and changes to market forces to name a few.

All of these things should be considered when reviewing any objectives you have been required to meet.

When undertaking a performance review with your Manager there are a number of questions you should consider:

  • Has your ability to reach your performance objectives been compromised by this year’s pandemic or other external factors?
  • Are you concerned this will have an impact on your incentive payments (all staff) or salary increase (Group 3 and 4) for the year?

What if I believe my performance has been impacted?

You should raise these matters with your direct Manager who is conducting your performance review. While incentive payments outcomes are not specifically included in the NAB Enterprise Agreement, Group 3 and 4 salary increases are included and must be reviewed when requested.

In both cases, however, NAB are still required to provide you with performance objectives that are set and agreed, can be achieved within ordinary working hours, and are fair and equitable. You should raise with your Manager any examples where your performance was impacted by external factors outside your control.

As an FSU member what can I do?

It is important that we are aware of issues around this year’s performance review process and how Scorecards are being determined for the coming year.

Please tell us if you have an example of being negatively impacted by Covid-19 or other external factors during your performance review this year. Email your story to (all information provided will remain confidential and will not be provided to NAB on an individual basis).

If you need individual support in undergoing your own performance review please contact your Union immediately on 1300 366 378.

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary