NAB Proposes pay cuts for 30000 employees

NAB’s proposed pay offer tabled at negotiations will amount to a real world pay cut for every Group 1–6 employee across the Bank.

Their position is unacceptable – NAB made a profit of $6.5bn due to our hard work. We all deserve a 6% pay increase.

NAB has also proposed to slash our EA by removing or altering long-standing conditions such as RDOs, Annual Leave Loading, Call Back Allowances and District Allowances. These conditions were hard won by union members over many EAs.

The FSU is holding urgent information sessions to provide greater detail on the Bank’s proposal, answer questions, and discuss our next steps.

Register here for Tuesday – 13th September 12pm (AEST)

Register here for Tuesday – 13th September 7pm (AEST)

Register here for Tuesday – 13th September 9pm (AEST)

If you can’t attend one of the sessions, email us here and one of our team will be in touch.

We cannot accept an offer that leaves any of our colleagues behind. Be sure to invite all your team to register and attend.

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Read our report on Wage Suppression at NAB: Australia, We Have a Problem.

Your FSU Bargaining Team.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary