4 July 2019

NAB Retail Restructure – NAB Listens to Members

Last week we again met with Krissie Jones as part of an ongoing commitment by the bank to listen to the views of FSU members.

Our feedback about the NPS being inherently unfair has been taken on board. NAB acknowledged the challenges we face doing the right thing by our customers due to vacancies and staff shortages.

Roles are being filled, and consideration is being given to an alternative system for measuring customer experience.

Revised Tools and Processes

Because of our feedback tools and processes are being revised and improved. Playbooks are being written for every role to support quality and consistency.

Training Available for Staff

The offer of training for staff undertaking telling type functions remains open. Talk to your People Leader or register through SAP.

New Training and Development

A new staff training and development program will roll out in a staged manner nationally; pilots will commence shortly in Greater Western Sydney and South East Melbourne.

The program will focus on implementation of best practice across retail using onsite coaches. Some of our processes will become more automated and streamlined in addition to best practice. National roll-out is expected to take up to 16 months.

We will continue meeting with NAB while the changes are embedded, to ensure our voice is heard.

In Unity,

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary