Pay audit update

Last week the FSU met with NAB to discuss progress on the remediation program which commenced late last year.

The FSU conveyed the ongoing concerns and frustrations that members have raised regarding the length of time it is taking to see key issues investigated and remediated.

NAB confirmed that despite some of the complexities involved in the process, remediation of issues related to Group 3 & 4 colleagues including concerns the FSU have raised around the 38/40 hour week are due to commence by mid to late March as per commitments provided in December.

While we continue to engage NAB over the next tranche of payments, work is continuing to ensure current and former colleagues are remediated if they were affected by the 26.1 divisor issue.

A further payment of $500,000 will be made to approximately 12,000 colleagues this week. This is the makeup payment of the divisor issue from 1 July to now, when the system has been fixed and the calculation will be correct from now on.

We want to ensure any former colleagues can be remediated as quickly as possible – If you are a former NAB employee or know a former employee and haven’t already registered with FSU please complete the form so we can assist in expediting your details to NAB.

The FSU will meet with NAB again at the start of March to discuss further progress and we will continue to keep members updated.

In Unity,

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary