NAB underpayment of wages

At the end of 2020, NAB begun repaying around 58,000 current and former colleagues who are owed wages dating back as far as January 2012.

The FSU wrote to NAB in January for an update on the progress of the current remediation program and the commencement of the next stage of reimbursement.

NAB has agreed to meet with FSU Officials next week to provide an update and we will have more information for members post the meeting.

2021 remediation – $90 million still to go

With approximately $90 million in provisions still to be repaid to workers, FSU will continue advocating for members and pursuing NAB to ensure these payments are made as quickly and transparently as possible.

It is not acceptable that it takes a day longer than necessary to see owed wages returned to workers, particularly around priority issues that have affected Group 3 and 4 workers.

If you are a former NAB employee, having worked for NAB anytime between 1 January 2012 and now, you are potentially owed wages. If you haven’t already registered with FSU please complete the form.

This will give FSU permission to pass your details to NAB and facilitate faster receipt of any underpayment you are entitled to. If your membership has lapsed please join us.

In Unity,

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary