NAB: What Happens On Catastrophic Fire Days?

Thursday, 18 January 2018

NAB has identified the branches that will close on days that reach Catastrophic Fire Rating during 2018. With temperatures heating up, it’s important to know if your workplace is set to close in these circumstances.

You can refer to published information including the emergency booklet in the incident management kit, or talk to your Manager about the status of the branches you work in and local arrangements.

In the event your workplace does close due to a Catastrophic Fire Rating day, you should be paid based on your rostered hours of work for the period.

Declared Emergency Leave

Where authorities declare an emergency in an area and you need to stay home, or are unable to attend work, you should apply for Declared Emergency Leave. This is paid leave for all permanent employees and unpaid leave for casual employees.

Crisis Leave

Crisis Leave applies where you are required to assist the local community during a declared emergency. Again, this is paid leave for all permanent employees and unpaid leave for casual employees.

You can find a copy of the Crisis and Declared Emergency Leave policy here:

Employee Assistance Program

If you are experiencing stress as a result of crisis and emergency events you can access the NAB Employee Assistance Program by calling Davidson Trahaire Corpsych (DTC), on 1300 360 364. The program is available to yourself as well as immediate family members.

Getting the Right Advice

If you need more information contact the Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378.

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