NAB's walking away from negotiations –
what happens now?

In meeting with your FSU Bargaining team yesterday, NAB confirmed that they will walk away from bargaining – ignoring our concerns on pay, hours of work, long service leave and more.

Senior Management confirmed they have no intention to improve their pay offer and will go to an all-staff ballot in November.

Under NAB’s proposal we will be working harder, longer and for less. We must vote No at the upcoming ballot.

By voting No we can protect our existing conditions and bring NAB back to the bargaining table to achieve a fair deal.


Commit to Voting No


Cuts to pay and conditions – why we must Vote No

NAB’s proposed cuts to pay NAB’s proposed cuts to conditions
NAB’s position fails to keep ahead of inflation.

This will result in a real-world pay cut and erode the standard of living for all NAB colleagues.

NAB proposes to remove:

  • Annual Leave Loading
  • District allowances
  • Special Duties allowance

NAB proposes to limit:

  • RDOs
  • Higher Duties

Click here for a comprehensive breakdown of all NAB’s proposals.

Hundreds of members commit to Vote No

On Friday hundreds of us resolved to defend against this attack on pay and conditions – now we need thousands to vote No.

Speak to your colleagues about what is at risk under NAB’s proposal and ask them to commit to voting No.

Spread the word by sharing this email and putting this poster up in your workplace. We will have more materials for you in coming days. Keep an eye out.

Commit to Voting No to cuts to pay and conditions

What about industrial action?

NAB’s decision to shut down negotiations means our immediate priority is defeating this attempt to cut our pay and conditions.

Once we get NAB back to the table, we will work with members on the most effective way to resolve our outstanding concerns – including if industrial action will still be required.

Senior Executives can avoid this by respecting the outcome of a NO Vote and coming back to the table with a genuine offer.

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Questions and Feedback

If you have further questions, please reach out to your union rep, your Organiser, or email and our team will be in touch.


Your FSU bargaining team


Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary