WE WON! New negotiations to include all groups 1 to 6 employees!

Thanks to the loud outcry from staff over NAB’s plan to take Group 5 to 7 employees out of the coverage of the new 2022 Enterprise Agreement we won!  NAB has agreed to include Group 5 & 6 employees in the new Agreement.

Only the 10 Group 7 employees will not be covered be the new Agreement. This is a fantastic win and shows that NAB employees want to stick together and support each other every step of the way.

We have approximately three to four weeks before bargaining can restart, so if you haven’t already completed our petition for a:

  • fair pay increase;
  • reasonable hours of work;
  • flexible work from home arrangements;
  • and more….

Please join your colleagues and fellow union members and sign the petition below so your negotiators are fully prepared to prosecute your claim when bargaining recommences.

What happens now?

There are some technical issues that NAB need to deal with to comply with the Fair Work Act.  They include notification of the discontinuation of this bargain and then reissuing the Notice of Representational Rights to all employees in Group 1 to 6.

Once this has happened negotiations can begin after 14 days notice. Negotiations will probably restart towards the end of August.

What can you do while you wait?

There is always plenty to do to make sure all employees know that negotiations are underway for a new Enterprise Agreement.

Please keep talking to your colleagues about the issues that are most relevant to you, encourage them to get involved and if they haven’t already – to join your union now.

As we have proved this week, a strong voice is the one that wins and we think there will be plenty to talk about as we unpack NAB’s simplification package which they have said they will bring to the table.

Sign the petition now!

If you are struggling with the recent hike in the cost of living please sign the petition for a 6% pay increase for all staff.

Inflation nationally is running at 6.1% and rising, real wage growth is essential to ensure you can maintain your standard of living. Please sign the petition now and circulate it to your colleagues and encourage them to do the same.

Not a member? Join here.

Your FSU bargaining team
Adam Fletcher
Justine Sherwood
Meg Nair
Wendy Streets
Alex Cousner

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary