No more work from home flexibility, says Sian Lewis

By now you’ll have heard that CBA is mandating staff attend the office for at least 50% of your work time each month.

This was a directive issued by CBA Group Executive Sian Lewis,   who has already made statements in the media that working from home more than a couple of days a week reduces collaboration.

There is no data that supports this statement. We know that ways of working have evolved drastically since COVID-19 and that organisations can and have been productive – in fact, banks continue to post record profits that show they have certainly not suffered through any work from home arrangements.

Importantly, this is a major workplace change which has been issued without any genuine consultation with staff or considerations for the impact it may have. Things like increased travel and parking costs during a cost-of-living crisis, the impact on work/life balance, and the increased potential spread of COVID-19 and illness as we come into winter flu season, should all be taken into account and discussed.

Let’s send a message to Sian

We are calling on Sian Lewis and CBA to repeal the 50% office attendance mandate and cease further top-down changes until meaningful consultation has taken place with CBA group staff and the FSU.

Send a message to Sian: Restore WFH flexibility

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary