NSW COVID-19: Keeping workers safe

The FSU has written to the major employers in NSW asking them to clarify what the rules and restrictions are on the affected areas.

The restrictions regarding travelling outside of Fairfield LGA have now been extended to Liverpool and Canterbury-Bankstown LGAs. 

We have asked businesses to please confirm the following: 


  1. What directions will you be providing to staff regarding attendance at work during these lockdown periods? 
  2. Which staff, if any, will be required to attend the workplace? 
  3. For staff required to attend their usual workplace, what arrangements will be made for staff whose usual place of work is outside the LGA where they live? 
  4. If staff cannot attend work or work from home in order to comply with the health orders, what type of leave will apply? 
  5. How many employees are impacted by the health orders applying to Fairfield, Liverpool and Canterbury-Bankstown LGAs. 
  6. Will you be suspending performance targets for the duration of the lockdown period? 
  7. Which people will be required to attend their usual workplace during the lockdown period? 
  8. For people required to attend their usual workplace, what measures are you taking to ensure that staff are safe? 
  9. If staff are required to leave their LGA for work, how will you facilitate them receiving a COVID-19 test every three days? 
  10. What arrangements are in place for any staff who are required to isolate, or who contract COVID-19? 

Retail Staff

  1. The LGA lockdowns will impact branch staffing both within these LGAs and across the branch network. How do you intend to manage staffing across the network? 
  2. Can you confirm that if staff are required to work at a branch other than their usual branch, they will only work at that one location for the duration of the lockdown period? 
  3. For customer-facing staff, what arrangements apply where customers fail or, or refuse to comply with COVID-19 requirements such as signing in with the QR code system, wearing a face mask, and physical distancing? 
  4. Do you intend to temporarily close any branches in response to the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, which branch locations? 

Contact Centre

  1. Are any people in contact centre roles required to attend the office during this lockdown? If so, which roles? 
  2. What steps are you taking to ensure that these people are able to safely commute to work, and perform their role?