One rule for one, another for everybody else

CBA have recently announced a wage increase of 4.25% in October back dated to July 2022. With inflation at 6.1% and expected to increase further, this means you will receive a pay cut in real terms!

The arbitrary decision by CBA to pay you below inflation shows how out of touch they are as you deal with the rising cost of living pressures.

While CEO Matt Comyn receives a 35% pay increase, you get 4.25% – it is clear that there is one rule for one and another for everybody else.

It is through enterprise bargaining that members can demand better wages and conditions. This wage increase has been arbitrarily decided by CBA who have delayed the commencement of bargaining negotiations stating that their “preference is to defer discussions on the timing of negotiations for a new EA until early next year to allow the Group to finalise divestments and our contract simplification program”.

CBA has not yet committed to a date to commence bargaining saying that they would meet in January to discuss when it should take place. This is not good enough and you deserve to have your voices heard – we will continue to put pressure on them to commit to a date for bargaining to start.

We are keen to understand your views on the real terms pay cut and what effect the rising cost of living is having on you. Please share your feedback with us here.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary