August 2022

Stay COVID Safe
Protecting ourselves at work

As another wave of new variants pushes the pandemic back into our daily lives, our FSU is campaigning for protections at workplaces.

Every employer has a responsibility to protect the health of workers. If a workplace chooses to ignore the basics of COVID safety, that’s putting us all at risk of a worsening pandemic. Public health advice is to allow staff to work from home wherever possible.

Is your workplace not safe?
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Check your workplace – Safe or Not Safe?

Your FSU has put together a list of which employers are following public health advice on Working From Home and COVID-19 this winter.

Use this form – 100% anonymously – to dob in any employers you know
who are failing to protect their staff and our communities.

Keep Staff Safe – Dob in a Boss

  • Is your workplace putting you at risk?

    Let us know with the form below. Your answers will be kept strictly anonymous and you can provide as much detail as you choose.

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COVID-19 State & Territory advice pages

Check your local state and territory website for directives, hotspot information and travel restrictions:


  • You can also get information from the Department of Health website
  • Continue to check the latest official travel information
  • You can also call the 24-hour National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080. The line provides regular health and information updates on COVID-19