Our leadership team

National Administrative Committee

Julia Angrisano
National Secretary

Julia Angrisano is the National Secretary of the Finance Sector Union, where she has held various roles, including the position of NSW/ACT Local Executive Secretary. For over 20 years, Julia has represented working people and campaigned for a fairer and more equitable finance sector. She is a member of the ACTU Executive and a Member Director of AustralianSuper. Julia holds a Bachelor of Arts (Political Economy) from the University of Sydney.  She has three girls, spends her Saturdays at the soccer fields and loves ice cream!

Wendy Streets

National President

Wendy Streets is the National President of the Finance Sector Union. Wendy’s entire working life has been within the finance sector both as a union member representing workers in the industry and later as a union official. In 1998, Wendy began working for the FSU. Over the past 25 years, she has worked as an Industrial Advocate, Organiser, Lead Organiser, National Director of Campaigning and Bargaining, and as the QLD State Secretary for 11 years. Wendy has assisted countless FSU members in individual disputes and hundreds of unionised workplaces in their collective disputes. 

Nicole McPherson

National Assistant Secretary

Nicole McPherson is a National Assistant Secretary of the Finance Sector Union. After starting her career as a lawyer, Nicole joined the FSU and worked as an Industrial Advocate and National Industrial Officer. She led the Union’s campaign to secure paid vaccination leave for more than 220,000 finance workers, and with members, established the FSU Human Rights Network. Nicole leads the FSU's Organising and Industrial teams in fighting for progressive rights for all finance workers. Nicole holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws with Honours, Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and Master of Laws.

Jason Hall

National Assistant Secretary

Jason Hall is a National Assistant Secretary of the Finance Sector Union. After working in the industry for over a decade Jason joined the FSU in 2007 as an Organiser. He later became an Industrial Advocate before becoming State Secretary in 2013. Over this time, Jason has represented many individual FSU members and fought to improve and maintain workers' rights. On top of campaigning responsibilities, Jason is also responsible for the infrastructure of the union including finance, IT, property and administration. When not at a rally of some sort, you may find him sitting behind a Dungeon Master's screen or at the beach with his family.

National Executive

Joh Tran 

Joh Tran has been an FSU member for 15 years and has served on the National Executive for the last four years. Her father's advice led her to join the FSU during her induction, and since then, she has been steadfast in protecting union rights and driving change in the industry. Becoming a parent has only deepened Joh's commitment to improving conditions for future generations.

Sarah Gallagher

Sarah Gallagher is dedicated to promoting equality, social justice, and inclusivity. Her strong communication and engagement skills, along with her understanding of accessibility requirements, make her a valuable member of the FSU's National Executive. Sarah is proud to be part of an FSU that prioritises the needs of its members and promotes collaboration and innovation.

Karen Anthony

With a bankground in the insurance industry, Karen Anthony has been a dedicated member FSU since 2012. She has been a Workplace Representative and played a vital role during bargaining at IAG for better enterprise agreements. Karen seeks to broaden member advocacy through innovative methods and has a keen interest in issues including technology, gender equity, and cultural diversity. Her approach to work is characterised by creative organising and enthusiastic energy.

Adam Fay

Adam Fay has served on the National Executive since 2006, working at Bankwest in Western Australia. In his time at the FSU, Adam has been committed to improving union governance and advocating for job security in the finance sector. Adam played a crucial role in the implementation of the FSU's rule changes and is passionate about influencing progressive policy changes. Adam has also been part of pioneering work in negotiating enterprise agreements that have led to industry-leading conditions.

Steve Howland

Steve Howland has been an FSU member since 1991 and has served in senior honorary positions in Victoria/Tasmania. He strongly believes in membership growth and strengthening workplaces, especially in areas that are traditionally not unionised. Steve was part of the team that delivered the 2022 'No' vote at NAB, an achievement that showcases his steadfast commitment to enhancing workplace conditions.

Sacha Hammersley

Sacha Hammersley has been an FSU member since 2010 and has served on the National Executive since 2017, representing members at Westpac. She is known for her involvement in campaigns such as the elimination of pay secrecy, and she advocates strongly for gender equity and social justice.

Matt Rowe

Matt Rowe has a background in governance, strategy, risk, and planning, and has been on the National Executive since 2020. Originating from Industry Super, Matt is passionate about evolving the union, empowering members, and improving pay and working conditions. Given the current cost-of-living crisis and soaring inflation, Matt’s advocacy stresses the importance of union membership to advocate for workers' rights.

Paul Everson

Paul Everson has been an FSU member since 1994 and a Workplace Representative since 2006. Passionate about defending members' rights and maintaining employers' integrity, Paul has held honorary roles since 2012. His experience with major and mid-tier banking informs his drive to increase member engagement across the industry.

Meg Nair

Meg Nair joined the FSU as a Workplace Representative in 2017, advocating for marginalised workers at NAB's Perth Head Office. Her involvement helped achieve a historic "No" vote at the NAB bargaining table and inspired her to advocate for other silenced voices. Meg's focus is on fostering experience, energy and unity within the union and embracing diversity in this new era.

Maurice Farrell

Since joining the FSU in 2010, Maurice Farrell has held honorary roles including serving on the National Executive and as part of the Governance Review Committee. Working at ANZ, Maurice is excited about empowering more members to step into leadership roles. He envisions a future where the union continues to strive for fairness in the finance sector. Notably, he strongly advocates for human rights and workers' rights as the foundation of FSU's work.