Our leave is not a KPI – Update

It took just 6 days, 500 signatures, and one media article for CBA to walk back the new KPI in relation to taking leave.

In a media article about our petition, CBA have given some very interesting comments:

A Commonwealth Bank spokesperson told Yahoo Finance that there is no “group-wide” KPI relating to leave or rostered days off.

“Where managers have incorrectly set this KPI in their efforts to manage team leave, we will address as appropriate. The KPI that was shared with those teams is being removed.”


Here is a link to article: Earlier today, protestors stood outside CBA’s Eveleigh offices with posters stating “Our leave is not your KPI” in a bid to get signatures for the petition.

The momentum you’ve generated by signing our petition, sharing it, and talking about it at work has already resulted in CBA walking their position back publicly.

They say this was never a group wide KPI – and that may well be so, but for hundreds of people this KPI appeared. Many were even briefed by their managers!

As for having the KPI removed – this is great news!

We welcome this public statement – it’s a credit to what we can achieve when we act collectively – but this isn’t the end of this just yet.

We know that sometimes certain parts of such a big organisation don’t get the memo. You’ve done an incredible job of holding them to account on this so far, let’s keep up the pressure!

Keep an eye on your KPI’s, let us know if this gets removed, or added! If you get an email about this from CBA, or if you already had one and something about their comments doesn’t sit right, let your union know!

In just two days we’ve uncovered so many stories of leave being unfairly managed at CBA outside of this KPI issue.

We’ll have more to say about this very soon, but for now – Great work everyone! I am always proud to lead this union, but never more than when we act together and get results like this.

In Unity,
Julia Angrisano


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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary