Special maternity leave for miscarriage or stillbirth

Special maternity leave

In the very sad event that your pregnancy ends in miscarriage or stillbirth, you may be entitled to receive special maternity leave. Unpaid special maternity leave is available if your pregnancy has ended after you’re 12 weeks along, or if your child passes away after being born.

If you’re not fit for work

If you believe you‘re not fit for work, see your GP for a medical certificate. You can then use your paid personal leave or carer’s leave entitlement to continue to get paid during special maternity leave.

Check your Enterprise Agreement

FSU members actively negotiate better conditions for finance sector employees. Our members have secured better entitlements to special maternity leave from some employers.

Your entitlement to special maternity leave is set out in your Enterprise Agreement, your company’s parental leave policy and the National Employment Standards. Check your agreement to learn more about accessing special maternity leave.

Contact FSU

FSU is here to promote the entitlements of all members. If you have any trouble accessing special maternity leave, don’t hesitate to call us 1300 366 378 or get in touch via our contact page.