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“It’s been a long while since we have had any decent salary increases” – respondent to FSU EA Survey


Only 25% of respondents to the FSU EA survey think you are paid a fair market rate for the work you do.

Less than half of respondents to the FSU EA survey think that current pay rates are reasonable for the work that you do.

“Wages have been stagnant for many years, which actually equates to me going backwards. 1% pay rise is not a rise, inflation was 2.5% last year”

“Our wage is quite low but our bonuses used to make up for that. Now our bonuses are very low and very hard to get.”

“..our pay model is unfair – how do you reward high achievers who sit low on the band scale when they are only entitled to a small % pay rise when their efforts and where they sit on the pay scale should see a greater pay rise being provided. #unfair”

It’s time for a change to the IAG Pay System.

We are fighting for the IAG EA to include guaranteed across the board pay increases that are higher than inflation.

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary