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P&N Bank and P&N Recruitment Pty Ltd Enterprise Agreement

The P&N Bank Enterprise Agreement and the P&N Recruitment Pty Ltd Enterprise Agreement have passed their nominal expiry dates.

P&N Bank and your union, the FSU, will commence negotiations for a new enterprise agreement that will cover employees at both P&N Bank and bcu. Negotiations will commence on 28 June.

In preparation for the negotiations FSU has collated feedback from the recent union Survey completed by members and have developed a Log of Claims.

Click here to view the completed Log of Claims.

The is the key negotiating document for your workplace agreement. It spells out what we want to see in our new EA, and it’s been developed from your survey responses.

Now is the time to decide your position on the future of work at P&N, by endorsing the log of claims and negotiating agenda.

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Here are some of the key points:


  • Employees support across-the-board guaranteed annual pay increases that recognise their contribution and hard work.
    Pay increases should be paid on the 1st July in each year of the agreement.

Work From Home

  • As a consequence of the global pandemic, working from home, where practical, has become an arrangement which benefits both the employer and employees.
    The new agreement should provide Work From Home guidelines for both the employer and employees which do not transfer the cost from employer to employee, and give employees rights and entitlement to mutual agreement.

Work, Health and Safety

  • Members say workloads should be achievable within their contracted hours of work. All work above contracted hours is to be recorded and paid, or granted as TOIL at the request of the employee.
  • Branches should be adequately staffed with experienced staff to reduce work pressure to meet targets and timelines.
  • Members support introduction of a Mental Health Day in addition to Personal Leave, to allow for employees to have a break when it is needed.

Next Steps

A Consultative Committee of FSU Reps from P&N and bcu has been formed and will actively provide ongoing feedback to FSU negotiators.  If you have questions or feedback, or wish to be more involved in the negotiations, please make contact with your Reps (Laura Richards or Diane Hawkins) or email fsuinfo@fsunion.org.au

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary