1 October 2019

Police Bank Enterprise Agreement 2019
It is time to Vote!

Negotiations for a new enterprise agreement have finally concluded and you now have an opportunity through a ballot to lock in several improvements to your terms and conditions.

Police Bank will be conducting a ballot of all employees covered under the proposed new agreement from Tuesday 8/10/2019 to COB Monday 14/10/2019.

Your FSU Worker Council who have been leading negotiations on your behalf have recommended that that proposed new agreement be accepted.

A 2.75% annual wage increase is part of the proposed new agreement. Other improvements to your terms and conditions include:

  • 5 days Paid Domestic and Family Violence Leave
  • Additional paid parental leave 10 weeks for primary carer
  • Additional paid parental leave of 3 weeks to secondary carer
  • Superannuation to be paid on unpaid parental leave of up to 12 months
  • Introduction of 2 days of Industrial Leave for FSU Representatives
  • Introduction of a Work, Health and Safety Clause
  • Consultation Clause – FSU to be notified
  • Broadening of Redundancy Clause
  • 2 extra Annual Leave days after 5 years of service
  • 4 extra Annual Leave days after 10 years of service
  • Grandfathering of Leave Loading, Superannuation and Redundancy for Bank of Heritage Isle employees through an undertaking by Police Bank.

Your FSU Worker Council Members:

Sally Brown – Penrith, NSW
Annette Heriot – Surry Hills, NSW
Janelle Rahilly – Surry Hills, NSW
Anthony Aarts – Surry Hills, NSW
Mark Ford – Tasmania
Michael Cowan – Newcastle, NSW
Michael Stankiewicz – Canberra, ACT

Vote today to lock in your terms and conditions for the next 3 years.

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Authorised by Rebecca Reilly, Secretary, NSW/ACT Branch