RACQ Proposed Rostering Changes for CCMCE

Does it get your thumbs up?

As you know, RACQ has proposed new rostering patterns for the Contact Centre Member and Community Engagement Department (CCMCE) and are hoping for implementation in July.

Staff are currently being asked for their feedback on the proposal being outlined in a series of Town Halls.

We encourage all members to consider how the proposal might impact them positively and/or negatively in how they do their job and on a personal level.

The rostering changes are on the agenda for next week’s Joint Consultative Committee (JCC). We want to hear your thoughts about the proposal, the good and the bad, via a brief feedback survey.  The results, in a non-identifying form, will be presented at the JCC.  This means we need your responses as soon as possible, but no later than close of business Monday 31 May.

In Unity,
Your FSU Team

P.S. feel free to forward this email onto any of your colleagues who may be affected by the proposed rostering changes at CCMCE.
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Authorised by Wendy Streets, Queensland Local Executive Secretary