RAC S&MS Enterprise Agreement 2021: Ballot

Important FSU Claims Rejected by RAC –
How will you vote?

FSU members and workplace representatives have expressed strong disappointment with RAC’s reaction to our bargaining proposals. Out of all our claims, management chose to reject almost every one that meant improvements to our terms and conditions.

The next step is a ballot of all staff – this is where we have our say. At the moment the ballot has been deferred to 22 Sep(TBC).

It is important you note the following before you cast your vote:

Annual Leave Loading fire sale

RAC is proposing a “buy out” of this entitlement, but they’re only offering 50% of the value to buy it out!

If this proposal goes through, we’ll have sold our leave loading at half value and we’ll no longer receive the annual lump sum amount paid every December.

No guaranteed annual wage increase for most

RAC refused to accept our claim for fair annual wage increases; that means most workers won’t be guaranteed an annual wage increase. Instead, RAC will apply a performance-linked pay system.

Only employees on the minimum rates of pay will receive a 1.5% increase. If you are above the minimum rate by even a dollar, you’re not guaranteed an increase. RAC’s performance pay will be at their discretion.

Just last year many major insurance companies – including IAG, BUPA and Allianz (all with shareholders) – accepted the FSU’s claim and switched to a system of guaranteed annual wage increases for all.

Targets/Performance Objectives

RAC has refused to budge on the introduction of fair and transparent setting of performance objectives/KPIs. It is unfair that performance objectives cannot be challenged by an employee.

RAC’s refusal to allow an employee to take such matters to the Fair Work Commission for conciliation raises suspicion.

Other important union claims rejected:

  • 20 Days paid Domestic and Family Violence Leave – (NO) RAC only agreed to 10 days.
  • Superannuation on unpaid parental leave – (NO)
  • Removal of distinction between primary and secondary carers, so that every employee who has a newborn (whether by birth, adoption or surrogacy) is entitled to the same amount of paid parental leave – (NO)
  • Access to pro rata Long Service Leave after five years of service – (NO)
  • Payment of pro rata Long Service Leave upon cessation of employment after 5 years of service – (NO)
  • Natural Disaster Leave – (NO)
  • Work From Home provision – (NO)

Is RAC buying votes?

The FSU received the following message from RAC last night:

“We are also advising of our intention to provide a bonus of $750 to recognise their patience in waiting for the benefits of the new agreement to come into force.”

We believe our members and RAC workers deserve significantly more. The $750 bonus was never discussed during the course of bargaining.

Is $750 enough to settle for inferior conditions at RAC?

Staff Ballot on our EA

The Ballot has been deferred to 22 Sep(TBC). We can have our say – make it count!

Please share this Update with your colleagues and encourage them to have their say as well.

Your FSU Bargaining Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary