RAC ignores employees' message from 3 years ago

Today Members Demand Fair Reward for Their Work

FSU Members Won 3 Years Ago

Some of you may remember that three years ago the FSU ran two successful “no vote” campaigns at the end of Enterprise Agreement negotiations. FSU members said RAC’s offer was not acceptable. The pay offer was a guaranteed 0% unless employees managed to receive a performance rating of 3 or above in their performance review.

FSU members actions of standing together gained a better outcome for that Enterprise Agreement. At the third vote, members said Yes.

Well here we are again!

RAC is insisting on performance based pay increases, a backwards step from the current EA!

Unbelievably they are making the same offer which guarantees 0% unless employees receive a performance rating of 3 or above.

They are still not listening.

Today Members Demand Fair Reward for Their Work

Members are adamant they do not want performance based pay increases and demand an across the board increase in an Enterprise Agreement which protects conditions and provides a fair reward for their work.

What else has RAC said no to?

Negotiations have ended with several important issues not agreed. These include:

  • Paid Parental Leave removed from the Agreement
  • No paid Domestic Violence Leave
  • No increase to Superannuation.

FSU organisers will be attending workplaces over the next 2 weeks with full details of RAC’s offer. You should take the opportunity to hear how this poor offer will affect you.

This offer is not good enough, YOU deserve better.

Attend a meeting in your workplace. Details to be advised soon.

If you’re not a member, now is the time to join.


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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary