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Team managers and leaders left out of negotiations

RAC has proposed to exclude Team Managers and Team Leaders from the proposed new enterprise agreement currently being negotiated.

How does it impact you?

If you are a team manager or a team leader you will not be entitled to any of the benefits that form part of the proposed new agreement. Some of these benefits include a guaranteed annual pay rise, allowances, leave loading, penalty rates and overtime payment.

RAC has argued that while the agreement will not apply to managers and leaders, these roles will still enjoy entitlements contained in the company’s policies. The FSU wants to highlight that company policy can be unilaterally changed – no consultation or notice, whereas an enterprise agreement protects all entitlements and cannot be taken away by the employer.

If you are a team manager or a team leader, we want to hear from you ASAP. Our next meeting with RAC is on Wednesday 19 May.

You can provide your feedback on RAC’s exclusion proposal here!

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Authorised by Di Marshall, Secretary, WA Branch