RACQ - The offer is nowhere near good enough

RACQ management have made a pay offer that fails to recognise the value of their staff and the vital work you do. Any pay offer that fails to keep up with the cost of living is a pay cut in the real world and you deserve better.

Management has also rejected a range of changes to leave arrangements that seek to give RACQ staff a fair deal on parental leave, on cultural and bereavement leave, and on gender affirmation leave.

They believe your voice isn’t important – that you don’t deserve to be properly consulted on your rights and on your workplace.

We don’t think that’s good enough and we need your voice to help shape our response and plan our next steps. We will hold full briefings next week to get your thoughts and guidance on what we do next. Register now for the time that best suits you:


Tuesday 22 March, 1pm AEST

Tuesday 22 March, 6pm AEST


We look forward to seeing you and hearing your views next week.
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