Proposed changes across RACQ

Dear Members,

As required under your RACQ Enterprise agreement,  RACQ briefed the FSU on the proposed changes announced today affecting various business units across RACQ.

FSU appreciates that any announcement involving change, particularly with roles or possible retrenchment decisions, is daunting and none more so than now whilst still working under COVID-19 restrictions.

Please click here to see the FSU Fact Sheet on your Rights throughout this process.

Should you know a colleague affected or may be affected ‘down the track’, please encourage them to join the FSU to have access to all the information and support needed at this time of change.

This fact sheet will also be posted on RACQ’s dedicated FSU Yammer Board. You can also  contact your dedicated FSU Reps or our Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378.

In unity,

Wendy Streets
Queensland Local Executive Secretary

Authorised by Wendy Streets, Queensland Local Executive Secretary