Time to vote

We’ve spent seven months in negotiations with RACQ. We have heard your concerns and have brought them to management on your behalf.

We are proud to have fought for and received:

  • Pandemic leave
  • Continuity of service
  • Well-being leave
  • Increased compassionate leave
  • Increased parental leave
  • Substitution of public holidays for an alternative culturally or religiously significant day
  • Increased Emergency event leave
  • Increased family & domestic violence provisions
  • Gender Affirmation leave
  • Cultural observance leave
  • Career break
  • WFH provisions

Finally RACQ have agreed to our request for a 10.5% pay increase over the three years of the agreement.

You will have already received an email from Management asking you to vote on this agreement. We encourage you to support this agreement and the work that FSU and the Employee Bargaining team have put into this agreement.

Whilst we weren’t successful in including everything you brought to us, we are happy with the agreement put forward.

We are only able to achieve the best pay and conditions through having strong Union communities.  If you have not yet joined the FSU, now is the time.  Join here.

Your FSU team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary