RBA Workplace Agreement

The first bargaining meeting is underway

Workplace Agreement bargaining is underway and we met with Management team last Thursday (20 May).

This was the first meeting and both parties set our their broad vision for the RBA Workplace Agreement. Importantly we tabled our log of claims endorsed by FSU members a number of weeks ago. The Log of Claims document can be found here.

Governor Philip Lowe stepped into the meeting to outline his position on the Agreement and highlighted the views he expressed to RBA staff at the recently held town hall meeting – i.e. the difficulty presented by the Government’s bargaining policy on wage growth in the public sector.

We thanked the Governor for taking the time to meet and acknowledged the public contribution he has made. Whilst it was a productive discussion, we did make it clear that we would continue to represent the interest of RBA members and would continue to highlight, during this bargaining process, that the Government’s policy is broken and needs to be fixed.

Your views are very important to us so look out for further updates and information from us as bargaining progresses.

Your FSU Bargaining Team,
Peter Tancred
Jason Jux
David Symonds
Joanne Nava
Ben Gallen

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary