RBA Workplace Agreement

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Another Workplace Agreement meeting was held this week, where RBA management presented their position on the new agreement. Some of the topics that were covered included updates to paid parental leave and recognition in the Agreement for family and domestic violence. There will be more information to come on these matters as more detail comes to light, and we will be seeking your views.

The RBA are yet to formally provide a proposal on remuneration. Many FSU members have indicated that pay is a core issue.

Right now the RBA has an opportunity to move away from the Government’s wage policy when determining pay increases for staff in the new Workplace Agreement. Members have said that being locked into the private sector Wage Price Index (currently 1.4%) for 3 years will disadvantage RBA staff, and undermines the independence of the Bank. There is no legal obligation for the Bank to follow this unfair wage policy.

To pledge your support for the RBA’s independence on wages, click here:

Full link for the Pledgehttps://forms.office.com/r/Bv3w5h19CY

At the meeting management also responded to another high priority item, the right to disconnect, where excessive hours were worked within some IT areas in the Bank that have been previously raised by the FSU. The Bank has positively taken this onboard with further investigations ongoing. Keep a look out for further information if you are impacted by this issue and please contact the FSU if you have concerns in this area.

For more information on FSU bargaining at the RBA, visit our website: https://www.fsunion.org.au/rba-workplace-agreement-2021-campaign-page/

In Unity,
FSU Bargaining Team

Peter Tancred
Joanne Nava
Jason Jux
David Symonds
Ben Gallen



Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary