RBA Workplace Agreement
Negotiations to Commence –
We've got you covered

RBA have agreed to commence negotiations with FSU for a new Workplace Agreement.

The FSU have been busy consulting with members since January to determine their key issues and priorities to be included in a new workplace agreement.

You have told us that the priority issues are pay increases that recognises and rewards your contribution, some choice and control for staff that reflects the new environment we all find ourselves working in and  access to new categories of leave entitlements.

There are a few procedural things that need to happen over the coming days and weeks before negotiations commence.  One of the critical things for FSU members to do is to ensure you have seen and endorsed the details of the FSU Claim.

As part of the legal requirements for these negotiations to take place under the Fair Work Act, RBA are required to issue a Notice of Representational Rights to employees who will be covered by a proposed new enterprise agreement.  What you need to know is that you do not need to respond to this notice as the FSU will be representing you in negotiations.

If you are working with someone who isn’t an FSU member yet talk to them about joining the FSU campaign to secure a new Workplace Agreement at RBA, they can join here!

Keep an eye out for updates from your negotiation team on progress and how you can be involved in the campaign for a new Workplace Agreement.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary