RBA Workplace Agreement

RBA's proposed
Workplace Agreement

Our feedback

FSU and RBA have been in negotiations for a new Workplace Agreement that will cover all RBA employees. Negotiations have reached a critical stage. We’ve seen some minor improvements to RBA’s initial offer, but other issues require all FSU members’ attention and feedback.

RBA employees have one opportunity this week to seek improvements from the Bank on this proposal. It’s now time to act!

We have developed a kit outlining the key elements of negotiations and the proposal so far. As you go through this kit, the FSU negotiation team have included some comments for your consideration.

What do we need to do?

Click here to review the details of RBA’s proposal:

FSU Consultation document:
RBA’s Proposed Agreement

After you’ve read the document, click the links in the PDF to complete the FSU feedback form. All feedback must be recorded by COB Wednesday 18 August.

FSU Feedback Form on RBA’s Proposal

Complete the FSU feedback form today and pass this link onto RBA friends and colleagues. By acting together now we can secure improvements.

In Unity,
FSU Bargaining Team

Peter Tancred
Joanne Nava
Jason Jux
David Symonds
Ben Gallen

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary