RDOs: Know Your Rights

We are aware that CBA have approached some workers about ‘opting out’ of their Rostered Days Off (RDO) entitlement.

The process for opting out of your RDOs is contained in your Commonwealth Bank Group Enterprise Agreement 2020 (see below extract of clause 44.6)

If you have been approached, remember that:

  • Opting out is completely voluntary
  • The offer to opt out must be made to you in writing
  • It only takes effect if you accept
  • You will permanently lose your right to RDOs

Clause 44.6 Agreement to opt out of Rostered Days Off


If you are eligible for RDOs under this clause, we may make an offer, and you may agree, for you to opt out of RDOs. If you accept the offer in writing:

(a) We will permanently increase your annual salary by the amount set out in our offer (based on your annual salary at the date the offer is made). This payment will not count towards (and will be in addition to) any salary increase under clause 9;

(b) Any accrued RDOs you have at the date you accept the offer will be paid out to you at your hourly rate of salary (before it is increased under clause (a) above), be retained by you and continue to be subject to the terms of this clause 44 or a combination of both, as agreed between you and us;

(c) We may direct you to work up to 20 days per four week cycle and your ordinary hours will be 152 per four week cycle; and

(d) From the date you accept the offer, you will have no entitlement to RDOs under this clause other than as provided in clause 44.6(b)



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