Regional Branch Closures - Important meeting this week

We need to convince the new government to take action.

It’s 5 months since the Federal Election and we need to convince the new government to take action to prevent the annihilation of face to face banking in our regions. Regional branch closures are out of control.

There have been over 220 regional bank branch closures since January 2021 impacting the liveability of our local communities and cutting hundreds of jobs.

The Morrison Government’s Regional Banking Taskforce was a joke, comprised of industry insiders and making only 2 visits to regional communities.

We need to demonstrate to the new government that this is an area they need to take seriously.

The banks can afford to maintain face to face services to ensure that all Australians have access to the essential service that is banking but have instead chosen to put profits before people.

Come along to the FSU’s open meeting on Wednesday 28th September at 7pm (via zoom) as FSU National Secretary Julia Angrisano, joined by award winning journalist Dale Webster from The Regional, sit down to discuss ways we can bring this important issue to the attention of federal parliament

You can register for the meeting here

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary