Meet your FSU Team at
Resolution Life

Join our EA meeting

Enterprise Agreement (EA) negotiations are beginning soon at Resolution Life. This means you and your colleagues have a chance to win better pay, better conditions and a better workplace.

How will the negotiations work? How might a new EA make work better for you and your team? And what can you and your colleagues do to ensure Resolution Life employees lead the conversation on making your workplaces better?

Meet your FSU Team via Zoom this Thursday 7 April at 7pm AEST to find out and to help launch our EA Campaign at Resolution Life!


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Together, we’ll discuss how we can win a modern and progressive agreement that effectively combines and improves upon the multiple agreements and the industry award currently in place for Resolution Life employees.

We’ll also be launching our FSU Resolution Life EA Survey, to make sure that you and your colleagues’ experiences and priorities are reflected at the negotiating table.

Together, we can win better workplaces for all of us at Resolution Life.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary