Awards and Agreements

The following are Workplace Awards and Agreements which contain your legal rights and entitlements.

The list is organised alphabetically by employer name.

When searching for a particular entitlement first check the Agreement (if any) that applies to your employment. If the Agreement is silent on this issue (or you’re not covered by an Agreement) then check your Award.

Interpreting your exact conditions can sometimes be complex. Union members can obtain expert advice by asking the Union Representative at your workplace or calling the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378.

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AAS Enterprise Agreement 2004

AGC Finance 2004

Allianz Australia Group Business Partnership Agreement 2020

Allianz Partners Enterprise Agreement 2020

AMP Capital Shopping Centres Pty Limited Enterprise Agreement 2007 (*Non-Union Agreement)

AMP/GIO Enterprise Agreement 2000

AMP Society Concessional Housing Loans Enterprise Agreement 1995

AMP Employees’ Award 1995

ANZ Enterprise Agreement 2017 Update

Variation to ANZ Agreement re new salary sacrifice scheme

Variation to ANZ Agreement re working hours/RDOs and Job Evaluation Committee

ATCIS / FSU Enterprise Agreement 2018-2021

Australian Insurance Holdings Pty Ltd Employees Collective Agreement 2006 (*Non-Union Agreement)

AustralianSuper Enterprise Agreement 2019-2023

Austrapay Limited Certified Agreement 2001-2003 (*Non-Union Agreement)

Australian Executor Trustees (SA) Enterprise Agreement 2010 [FWA Agreement, FSU covered]

Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST) Certified Agreement 2017-2-19 [FWA Agreement, FSU covered]

Australian Mutual Bank Enterprise Agreement 2021-2024

Auto & General Holdings Enterprise Agreement 2018

Aware Super Enterprise Agreement 2022

AXA Australia Enterprise Agreement 2009 [FWA agreement, FSU covered]

[AXA] National Mutual Continuous Operations Agreement

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Banking, Finance and Insurance Award 2020

B&E Enterprise Agreement 2015

Banking, Insurance & Financial Services Industry Temporary Hiring Award – This Award has various Employers who are respondent to it – refer to the Schedule of Respondents Clause in this Award

[WBC] Bank of Melbourne Enterprise Agreement 2002

Bank of Queensland Enterprise Agreement 2018

BankVic EA 2019

Bankwest Enterprise Agreement 2021

Bayswater Community Financial Services Limited and FSU Agreement 2014-2017

Bellarine Peninsula Community Branch Limited Enterprise Agreement 2013

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited Enterprise Agreement 2018 – 2021

Bentley and Districts Community Financial Services Pty Ltd Enterprise Agreement 2016-2019

Beyond Bank EA 2019

BCU Staff Enterprise Agreement 2012

BNP Paribas Fund Services Australasia Pty Ltd Collective Agreement 2007

BNP Paribas Graded Staff Certified Agreement 2005 (*Non-Union Agreement)

BPAY Group Enterprise Agreement 2014 (EA applies to some Cardlink Services Limited employees only)

Broadway Credit Union Limited Enterprise Agreement 2005 (*Non-Union Agreement)


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Chase Certified Agreement 2000(*Non-Union Agreement)

Clearview Enterprise Agreement 2021

CMSF (Conference of Major Superannuation Funds Pty Ltd) Certified Agreement 2006

Colonial Employees (TOP) Enterprise Agreement 2002

Colonial First State First Investment Agreement 2003 (*Non-Union Agreement)

Commonwealth Bank Group Enterprise Agreement 2020

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Technology, Operations & Procurement Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2002

Commonwealth Insurance and Staff Certified Agreement 2002-2003(*Non-Union Agreement)

Community Alliance Credit Union Ltd Collective Agreement 2017-2020

Community CPS Australia Limited Enterprise Agreement 2013 – 2016

Community First Enterprise Agreement 2021-2024

Coolalinga & Districts Community Bank Enterprise Agreement 2013 [FWA Agreement, FSU covered]

Credit Union Australia Enterprise Agreement 2017

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Defcredit Collective Agreement 2009 (Non-Union Agreement)

Defence Bank Enterprise Agreement 2014

Deutsche Bank Australia Certified Agreement 1998(*Non-Union Agreement)

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EDS (BPA) [Business Process Administration] Credit Services Agreement 2004-2007(*Non-Union Agreement, FSU Bound)

Encompass Credit Union Enterprise Agreement 2014-2017

Energy Credit Union Ltd Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 1998

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Firefighters and Affiliates Credit Co-operative Limited/Finance Sector Union Enterprise Agreement 2019-2021

First Australian Buliding Society Certified Agreement 2001

First Super Union Collective Agreement 2021 

Fiserv Enterprise Agreement 2013 – 2016 [FWA Agreement, FSU covered]

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G & C Mutual Bank Enterprise Agreement 2021-2024

GE Money Branch Collective Agreement 2011-2015

GE Money Motor Solutions Certified Agreement 2005(*Non-Union Agreement)

GE Money Operations Burnley Collective Agreement 2009 (*Non-Union Agreement)

GE Money Operations, Direct Sales & Home Lending Employee Collective Agreement 2009 (Non-Union Agreement)

Gosnells Financial Services Agreement 2009 [FWA agreement, FSU covered]

Goulburn Murray Credit Union Enterprise Agreement 2011-2013

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HBF Enterprise Agreement 2018-2021

Heritage Isle Credit union Limited Enterprise Agreement 2012—2014

HESTA Enterprise Agreement 2020-2024

HLGM Ltd Enterprise Agreement 2020

Hobsons Bay Community Financial Services Limited Enterprise Agremeent 2014

Horizon Credit Union Enterprise Agreement 2020 – 2023

Hostplus Enterprise Agreement 2016 – 2019

HSBC Bank Australia Certified Agreement 2002(*Non-Union Agreement)

Hume Bank Enterprise Agreement 2019-2022

Hunter United Employees Credit Union 2015 Enterprise Agreement

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[Industry Administration Services Pty Ltd] IAS Enterprise Agreement

IMB Ltd Direct Employee Collective Agreement 2008 (Non-Union Agreement)

IMB Ltd Employee Collective Agreement 2008 (Non-Union Agreement)

IFM Investors Agreement 2022 Consolidated Agreement with Annex A

IFS Industry Fund Services Agreement 2016

[IAG] Insurance Australia Group Enterprise Agreement 2020

Industry Super Australia Pty Ltd T/A Industry Super Australia 2017

ING Administration Pty Ltd Certified Agreement 2009 (*Non-Union Agreement, FSU Bound)

ING Bank (Australia) Limited Enterprise Agreement 2014 [FWA Agreement, FSU covered]

Intech Credit Union Limited Enterprise Agreement 2016

IOOF Certified Agreement 2005(*Non-Union Agreement)

Island State Credit Union Workplace Agreement 2007 – See the MyState Financial Credit Union of Tasmania Union Collective Agreement 2008

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Landmark Operations Ltd Enterprise Agreement 2009 [FWA Agreement]

LUCRF/FSU Enterprise Agreement 2016 – 2019

LUI/FSU Enterprise Agreement 2010-2012

Legal and General – Enterprise Agreement – See Colonial Agreement

Lloyds Bank Australia Enterprise Flexibility Agreement 1995(*Non-Union Agreement)

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FSU/Macaulay Community Credit Co-operative Enterprise Agreement 2005-2008

Mandurah Community Financial Services Enterpise Agreement 2018

Maritime Mining & Power Credit Union (MMPCU) Staff Enterprise Agreement [FWA Agreement, FSU covered]

ME Bank Enterprise Agreement 2021

Media Super Enterprise Agreement 2020

MLC Enterprise Agreement 2021

MLC/Lend Lease Financial Services Enterprise Development Agreement

MMI Business Partnership Agreement 1998


MTAA Super Enterprise Agreement 2015-2018

MyState Enterprise Agreement 2021-2024

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NAB Enterprise Agreement 2016 [FWA agreement, FSU covered]

NAB Financial Planning Agreement 2010 [FWA agreement, FSU covered]

Newcastle Permanent Employee Collective Agreement 2006 (*Non-Union Agreement)

Northern Beaches Credit Union Enterprise Agreement 2011

Norwich Enterprise Agreeement(*Non-union Agreement)

Note Printing Australia Award

Note Printing Australia Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2015

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OASIS Collective Employment Agreement 2012

OCBC Bank Certified Agreement 1997-2000(*Non-Union Agreement)

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Police Association Credit Co-operative/FSU Enterprise Agreement 2012

Police Department Employees’ Credit Union Limited (Information Technology Department) Certified Agreement 1999 (*Non-Union Agreement)

Police Financial Services Enterprise Agreement 2016

Police and Nurses Credit Society Enterprise Agreement 2001(*Non-union Agreement)

Police and Nurses Enterprise Agreement 2021

Police Bank Enterprise Agreement 2019

Precision Administration Services Pty Ltd Enterprise Agreement 2016

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Qantas Staff Credit Union 2004 Enterprise Agreement

QBE Enterprise Agreement 2016

QBE Mercantile Mutual Limited Certified Agreement (RRR Agreement)2000-2002

QBE 12 Hour Shift Agreement

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RAA-GIO Insurance Ltd Certified Agreement (*Non-Union Agreement)

RAC Insurance Enterprise Agreement 2013 [FWA Agreement, FSU covered]

RAC Sales and Member Service Enterprise Agreement 2021

RAC Shared Services Enterprise Agreement 2013 [FWA Agreement, FSU covered]



RACV Customer Administration Certified Agreement 2003

RACV Memberline/MSD Enterprise Agreement 2010 – 2013 [FWA Agreement, FSU covered]

Ready Plan Australia Pty Limited Agreement


Reserve Bank of Australia Award 2016

Reserve Bank of Australia Salaried Employees Award

Rockingham Community Financial Services and Finance Sector Union Workplace Agreement 2010

Rothville Credit Union Limited Enterprise Agreement 1998 (*Non-Union Agreement)


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Savings Australia Enterprise Agreement 2005

Savings & Loans Credit Union (SA) Limited Collective Agreement 2008 (*The ASU is the union party to this agreement)

SBA Union Collective Agreement 2015

Finance Sector Union/Select Credit Union Limited Enterprise Agreement 2008 – 2011

Select Bank Temporary Staff Agreement 2003(*Non-Union Agreement)

Select Encompass Credit Union Ltd Enterprise Agreement 2017-2020

Service One Mutual EA 2019

SGE Credit Union Enterprise Agreement 2014 – 2017

South West Credit Union Co-Operative Ltd Employee Collective Agreement 2009 – 2012 (Non-Union Agreement)

Southern Cross Credit Union ENTERPRISE AGREEMENT2017 – 2020

Suncorp Enterprise Agreement 2015

Suncorp/GIOA General Insurance Business Integration Agreement 2002 (FSU)(*Non-Union Agreement)

The Sunsuper Group Enterprise Agreement 2019

Sungard Systems Pty Ltd Certified Agreement 2000 [greenfields agreement]

Super Benefits Administration Agreement 2018

Sydney Credit Union Enterprise Agreement 2016 – 2019

Superpartners Enterprise Agreement 2016

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Teachers Mutual Bank Enterprise Agreement 2021

Territory Insurance Office Collective Agreement 2017

Transport Superannuation Services – TSS Staff Enterprise Agreement 1999-2002

Trust Company of Australia Limited Enterprise Flexibility Agreement 2004(*Non-Union Agreement)

TWU Nominees Pty Ltd Enterprise Agreement 2019

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UniCredit Collective Agreement 2009 (Non-Union Agreement)

Union Shopper Enterprise Agreement 2012

Unisuper Enterprise Agreement 2019-2022

United Super Pty Ltd Collective Bargaining Agreement 2021

United Super Pty Ltd State Coordinators Enterprise Agreement 2021

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Victorian Workcover Authority Enterprise Agreement 2012

WorkSafe Victoria Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2012 (variation/extension)

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Wesfarmers Federation Insurance Limited Collective Agreement 2006 (*Non-Union Agreement)

Westpac Group Enterprise Agreement 2023 (WBC EA 23)

Workcover Corporation of South Australia Agreement 2005

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Zurich Australia Union Collective Agreement 2014 [FWA Agreement, FSU covered]

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