Returning to Office – Questions for Cbus

Return To Office concerns held by staff and the union

Dear Colleagues,

You would have received an update this week saying that most of us will be returning to the office from next week.

This move raises serious concerns for staff and the union is urgently seeking clarification and further consultation with Cbus management.

When Covid hit early last year we all moved to working from home in a very short period of time.

Many benefits of WFH for staff and for Fund members

Over the past twelve months, we have demonstrated that we are able to work from home in a way that continues to create excellent outcomes for Fund members while giving us better work/life flexibility.

During this time the FSU community has been integral to the success of shifting our entire workforce to working from home.

We have engaged with People and Culture in a constructive, collaborative way to raise issues and resolve them as they occur.

We have represented your views to ensure that the Fund continued to operate effectively during an enormous transition.

Requiring staff to return to the office (RTO), starting with a minimum of two days a week, now raises work health and safety issues and there are questions about work/life flexibility and the rationale for the new policy.

While we wait for a response to these questions, we encourage everyone to raise any personal concerns with their manager and to reply to this email or contact the FSU if you need support.

In Unity,
Jennifer, Caroline, Ian, and Fiona
FSU Delegates

Your FSU community at Cbus is here to support you throughout these changes.
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Authorised by Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary