Royal Commission: Branch Closures, AgriBusiness and Regional Communities

Friday, 29 June 2018

Stories of Rural & Farm Lending are Stirring the Country

This week the Royal Commission has uncovered examples of regional communities being let down by executive decisions. Across Australia people responded powerfully to these stories. Newspapers and broadcast news have shared how high-level decisions, made with little thought for the conditions on the ground, had devastating consequences for farmers and communities.

Branches and Services Continue to be Cut in Regional Communities

One of the biggest issues for our members in regional areas is the ongoing march of branch closures and cuts to other services such as agri and farming finance.

The FSU will again be writing a submission document in response to the latest round of hearings. This document is where we tell the perspective of bank workers, and propose our positive suggestions for change. It is vital that we share your stories. The Royal Commission must know the truth about how decisions made by distant executives, far removed from your local workplace, impact staff and communities.

Through our secure Royal Commission Portal, you can tell us your experiences:

  • Are you concerned about branch closures?
  • Have your hours been cut in your branch, and have there been cuts to services?
  • Do you work in AgriBusiness, and have had services cut or centralised?
  • Do you feel your local community has been affected by this?

Together We Can Make These Stories Heard

Go to the FSU’s online Royal Commission Portal, add your voice, and make a difference:

The FSU’s online portal is at The FSU Portal is confidential and FSU will contact all contributors to discuss the next steps towards submitting to the Royal Commission.

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary