Sale Of CBA CFP To CMLAS - FSU lodges dispute in FWC

Members met earlier this week where we reported that CBA had provided a further response to our letter of the 27th of August,  you can see that response here.

We continue to have concerns which have been raised in this letter you can see here. As a result the FSU has lodged disputes on behalf members:

  1. A broad dispute around comparability of roles currently performed and those on offer from CMLAS. You can see the dispute application here.
  2. Individual disputes on behalf of members regarding specific issues related to the transfer of business to CMLAS.

Members impacted by the transfer of business have until today to accept the offer.

Accepting Your Offer

If you intend to accept the offer, or have already have done so, but wish to note that you have concerns about the comparability of the new role, we suggest you download this letter here (a word document will download to your device), add your details and send to Uyen Nguyen, CBA Human Resources by email. Details are contained within the letter. If you have any problems or need help, contact

Working together
Since the announcement of the sale to CMLAS the FSU has worked with CFP members to build collective power. Together we have achieved:

  • extensions to the consultation time frames, after initial and continued refusal by CBA and CMLAS to agree to extend consultation and the deadline to accept an offer
  • obtained Positions Descriptions, after CBA and CMLAS initially refusing
  • gained written assurances and undertakings from both CBA and CMLAS around the issue of contracts
  • obtained greater certainty around location of work
  • customised advice and support to members on individual issues such as contracts, location of work, medical concerns, carers obligations and other issues arising out of the transfer of business.

Sticking together means that we get better outcomes now and prepares us for dealing with any issues that arise such as harmonisation for those going to CMLAS as well as the impending strategic review for those employees not transferring as part of this sale.
If you have any concerns about the sale or strategic review, please contact Kun Huang on

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary