Your new Enterprise Agreement -
Share your views on CBA’s proposal

We’ve been negotiating for pay increases and improved conditions in a new Enterprise Agreement (EA) since March, and we’re now at a critical crossroads with our negotiations.

At our most recent meeting, CBA indicated it would be unwilling to move any further in negotiations.

CBA is the largest and most profitable bank in Australia raking in billions of dollars each year. They should be a market leader when it comes to pay and conditions.

CBA can and should recognise and reward staff for our contributions and hard work by improving this Agreement.

We now need to hear from you on what has been put forward so far, to determine our next steps and before we progress with any further meetings.


Here’s a recap of where we’re at

We’ve made real progress in some areas, but there are still important matters we believe CBA should do better on, including:

  • Pay – CBA’s package still does not currently offer market-leading pay and includes a one-off payment that does not increase our wages.
  • Annual leave loading – CBA wants to remove this entitlement for new starters (the equivalent percentage will be applied to pay rates) but will remain for those who are currently entitled to it with an offer to buy it out.
  • Allowances – CBA wants to remove the entitlements to interpreter, district and relieving allowances for new staff.
Some improvements we’ve achieved include:
  • Guaranteed pay increases (on top of discretionary payments) for most packaged colleagues for the duration of the agreement.
  • Removal of GC1 and GC3 rates meaning those currently on the minimum rates of GC1 and GC3 would receive a significant wage increase up to GC2 and GC4 minimums.
  • A standalone workload and staffing clause that makes it clear mandatory learning is to be done in ordinary paid time and includes an obligation on CBA to fill vacancies and a reference to disconnecting from work (including development of guidelines).
  • Amended remote working clause with an extended notice period of change from 4 to 8 weeks which specifies the matters CBA must take into account.
  • Improvements to leave provisions including additional paid parental leave to 18 weeks (available from day one of employment), gender affirmation leave increased from 4 to 8 weeks and uncapped paid family and domestic violence leave.
  • Establishment of a joint committee to deal with matters during the life of the Agreement and access to induction rights.

Here is a full summary of the proposed changes.

Want to know more?

We will be holding a series of information sessions to discuss CBA’s proposal and to hear your feedback. Remember, we’re at a key point in our negotiations so this is the time for you to come and have a say, and help determine our next steps.

Register below for one of the following meetings:

Wednesday 26 July – 8am AEST

Wednesday 26 July – 12pm AEST

Wednesday 26 July – 6pm AEST

Thursday 27 July – 1pm AEST

Thursday 27 July – 6pm AWST / 8pm AEST

In unity,
Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary