Thursday 26 July, 2018

FSU is Helping You Achieve A Fair Transition

Members say they are shocked and dismayed that Bankwest has chosen to close 29 branches in such a short space of time – without acceptable consultation with colleagues and the community. The announcement will have lasting impacts on colleagues, their customers, and the communities in which we all belong.

Less than Brilliant

In the past few months the bank had embarked on “being brilliant and let’s be amazing” as they launched Being Brilliant Orange. Members ask — what’s brilliant or amazing about 29 branches closing? They expressed their concern for customers who haven’t embraced digital banking, and those who simply won’t be able to travel to the skeleton network of branches remaining. They ask, how is this brilliant?

FSU Supporting You Through This Change

Consultation for colleagues has finished and the wait to see if you will be successful in redeployment begins. The union asked management what plans are in place to assist colleagues in their redeployment choices, or in fact, exit from Bankwest employment. The bank advised there is a team of transition managers who are available to assist you.

We asked the bank, where would colleagues actually be placed after their branch has closed, during the redeployment period. The bank said colleagues can choose to follow the process of seeking a new role from their home, or attend the bank’s training rooms where a transition manager will assist.

What Are Your Rights?

During the redeployment process the Bankwest Enterprise Agreement 2016 Clause 37 applies and it is important that you read the whole clause. It sets out your rights and entitlements if you are offered redeployment to a Bankwest role. It also details retrenchment payments and your entitlements should you be exiting the bank.

Union Calls on Bank to Give Fair Treatment to Staff

You may be offered a position within in CBA on a “offer and acceptance” basis. You cannot be forced to take the CBA offer. However, if you do accept the offer we have asked the bank for you to be able to choose to remain on your Bankwest contract and therefore be covered by the Bankwest Enterprise Agreement.

The bank is considering the union’s request.


Colleagues who were employed in branches on the east coast prior to 1st July 2014, were employed under the Bankwest Retail Division Concept Stores EA 2010. During negotiations in 2014 that agreement was merged into the Bankwest EA, and the colleagues translated from the Concept Stores classifications to the Bankwest classifications. Part of that process was an agreed Translation Allowance (see Clause 10.5 of the Bankwest EA 2016).

If you are redeployed to a Bankwest position those allowances continue.

The union asked the bank to extend the continuation of those allowances to anyone who is offered a CBA position.

The bank is considering the union’s request.

If you have questions regarding your entitlements you can contact our Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378, or email

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary