Sian couldn’t front up to meeting about return-to-office mandate

Your union, the FSU, and FSU Representatives from across the country met with CBA this week to discuss the return-to-office mandate.

Despite being the person who announced this mandate on 22 May, Sian Lewis (Group Executive Human Resources) couldn’t even front up to the meeting to hear your stories about the massive impact this mandate will have on staff.

This is incredibly disappointing given how vocal Sian has been about this in the media and the fact that hundreds of CBA workers like you have already signed our petition calling for the mandate to be reversed.

At the meeting this week, we explained the concerns you have about this mandate and the way it was unilaterally introduced. We told CBA about the financial impact due to increased travel costs, childcare and out-of-hours care costs, the impact to your work/life balance, caring and family responsibilities, and your health and safety concerns.

We called for the mandate to be suspended and the status quo maintained, and for CBA to engage in a proper consultation process with the FSU. CBA management have committed to reviewing our feedback and responding to our request. We expect a reply over the next week.

This is the best chance to get our message across and tell Sian how this mandate will impact you. If she won’t come and hear our stories, then let’s send the message to her directly.

Tell Sian Lewis: working from home matters to me

Send Sian your message today and help protect our work from home rights at CBA.

In Unity,
Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary