Social media and online terms of use

The Finance Sector Union of Australia (FSU) encourages and supports online dialogue across our social media and online communities (Community). These include, but are not limited to:  

These communities provide a platform for FSU members and the community to share information and engage in discussion around various topics relating to the finance industry and more.  

We encourage members to keep in mind that social media is a public forum and it’s important to be aware of how your online behaviour can impact your professional life, and to check for your workplace’s policies or Codes of Conduct on privacy, social media usage and public comment.  

The FSU reserves the right to monitor and moderate all content (Contributions) posted to any of the above-mentioned social media and online communities to ensure compliance with our rules (Rules).   

If an individual is not compliant with our rules, we may remove or disable access to any content or to our channels and communities without warning.   


The FSU aims to create an informative, supportive and respectful Community. To help us do this, you agree that your use of the Community and your Contributions will: 

  • be accurate and genuinely believed. 
  • comply with any applicable social media policies enforced by social media platforms and the FSU. 

You also agree that your use of the Community and Contributions will not: 

  • be defamatory, unlawful, obscene, offensive, hateful, abusive, inflammatory, threatening, invasive of anyone’s privacy, or otherwise objectionable. 
  • promote discrimination on grounds of race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, being a transsexual person, or age. 
  • contain an instruction, advice, or content that could cause harm or injury to individuals or to computers or systems. 
  • encourage anyone to commit any unlawful or criminal act or condone any unlawful or criminal act. 
  • give the impression that the Contribution emanates from the FSU if this is not the case, or impersonate any person, or misrepresent your identity or affiliation with any person. 

Whenever you upload material to the Community, or contact other users of the Community, you must comply with these Rules. 

While the FSU aims to regularly monitor and moderate our online communities, we are not legally responsible for any material posted by third parties and we may stop or suspend moderation of our communities at any time.  

Please note repeated posting of personal or offensive comments about individuals may be considered harassment. We reserve the right to remove such comments or messages and take action against those responsible.  

Outside of moderator business hours, or where a moderator resource is not available, comments on posts may be turned off to allow us to uphold and enforce our Terms of Use.   

The views expressed by any individual within the Community are those of the individual and do not necessarily reflect the views of the FSU. 



If you wish to complain about any Contribution posted to the Community, please contact the FSU via direct message or at 

When you submit a complaint, you must 

  1. identify the complainee, 
  2. specify where the Contribution you are complaining about is located and 
  3. outline the reason for your complaint. 

If required, the FSU may request further information from you about your complaint before determining an outcome. The FSU will then review the Contribution and decide whether it complies with the Rules. We will deal with any Contribution which, in our opinion, violates our Rules as described above (see section “Moderation and Responsibilities”). We will inform you of the outcome of our review within a reasonable time of receiving your complaint. 

If you are questioned or disciplined at work by management about your online activity, immediately cease that activity and call the FSU. 

The FSU will take all reasonable steps to remove content that does not meet our Rules. 

Last updated July 2023